Our Mission

Construction Efficiency

Joy is committed to providing high level construction and development services to each of its projects. Joy’s team of professionals works closely with partners, architects, government agencies and non-profit organizations to complete projects on time and within budget.

Commitment to the Community

Joy Construction works to ensure that development projects are in tune with the character of the community. Joy is proud to have taken a part in adding thousands of affordable housing units to a wide variety of New York neighborhoods.

Competitive Edge

The construction industry is a volatile one, especially in regards to cost. The rising cost of commodities, fuels and insurance have made estimating projects, and ultimately their completion, a feat for everyone in this industry. Joy’s success as a builder hinges upon our attention to precisely estimate each project, budgeting cost-control standards, and following a fast-track construction schedule.

Long-Term Relationships

A construction project’s success is only as certain as a subcontractor’s willingness to work efficiently and effectively for the builder. Joy employs this philosophy when dealing with its subcontractors, balancing the need to maintain long and loyal relationships with maintaining competitive pricing and accelerated completion dates.

Access to Capital

Joy’s consistent success in the completion of construction projects has gained it recognition as a leader in the eyes of the financial sector as well. In turn, Joy has been armed with larger lines of credit and bonding capacity from its financial institutions and sureties, providing it with the strength for unlimited future growth.

We build on strong foundations

Loyalty • Honesty • Community